About Spiritension

Spiritension is a Maritime Safety and Security Consultancy with emphasis on humanitarian issues. 

The vision is ‘Challenge to Clarify

How to make crisis-preparedness pay off by preventing disruptive events, such as accidents, disasters, maritime crime, piracy, corruption, suicide or excessive internal conflicts?
This kind of events hinder performance, should be faced and prevented from happening.
We can assist you trying to achieve this, by focusing on humanitarian values and common sense.
We start with a tailored  assessment: collect security related potential disruptive events, analyse them, reflect on them. Based on a matrix with action parameters such as awareness, resources, information sharing, crisis management etc., a policy is set up and tools are developed constructing a continuum of care. Training and coaching to put the policy into daily practice could be a logical next step.
Better crisis preparedness results in more safety and security, less downtime, better performance and no extra expenses on rerouting and repatriation.
Your company will be rewarded with more profit, a better reputation and a stronger corporate image. Good care is profitable: 1 + 1 = 3.
In case of an acute crisis, Spiritension can also be requested to offer immediate humanitarian first emergency response and coaching company workers. 
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